Performance Guideline

Christchurch Drag Competition

Performance guidelines for Competitors

Length 3-5 mins per number.

No Glitter, Confetti, excess fake bloods/liquids, due to time and venue restrictions, we don’t have time to clean this up between performing slots.

1 performances required on the night, however this can be anything from a lipsync, live singing, circus act, stand up comedy etc.

Please don’t feel the need to produce multiple outfits for the evening, however you are free to do so.

If you require a stage hand, please let us know and one will be provided.

Please do not take any non performing crew into the anteroom, artist passes will be provided.

Drinks and nibbles will be provided in the anteroom for performers only.

Please contact us with any backing tracks that you wish us to use for your performances, please label each track and let us know if you want it in the 1st or 2nd performing slot.

Payment: We guarantee a minimum payout of $50 NZD and if the show makes more money we will pay out more up to $120 per performer, and any tips made during the night via our Drag It Out Tipping Incentive.

Our drag it out tipping incentive will be in form of Smileys, and audience members can tip you during the evening. At the end of the night, we will count these up, and we will pay you equal to the amount of Drag it out Smileys, that you have gained on top of your performance fee.

As this is a competition, a winner will be selected via audience vote, which will be done on our webpage, however all results will be finalized by Drag It Out! And South Media Entertainment.

The winner will receive a crown, certificate, gift basket and will have the option to headline for the following shows. Also, the winner will be required to compete in the final show for the Grand prize (confirmed for 14th Dec 2019). Notice will be given if this date changes.

If you are from outside of Christchurch and wish to compete, Please be aware, that we may not be able to cover the cost of travel or accommodation, however, we do have billets available.

If for any reason you are unable to perform for a confirmed show, Please advise us immediately or at least 10 working days prior to the show so that we may be able to find a suitable replacements.

– Kind Regards –

The Team from Drag It Out!